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Take Advantage of Energy Choice with Commerce Energy, Pennsylvania

In the late 1990s Pennsylvania legislators deregulated the electricity and natural gas markets, giving customers like you the opportunity to compare energy rates from a number of suppliers. With so many options to choose from, it is important to understand what's available and find the plan that best fits your energy needs.

Compare energy rates in PECO electric and natural gas areas

Thanks to deregulation, Pennsylvanians like you can choose a new energy supplier without compromising service or reliability. You can choose your supplier based on price, term length, environmental offsets and a number of other factors. According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's PA Gas Switch website, the open market offers plans that can be competitive alternatives to utility supply rates.

Some areas of Pennsylvania have multiple gas and electric companies, but the PECO utility serves both electricity and natural gas customers in the Philadelphia area. Pennsylvania residents and business owners in the PECO electric and gas area can purchase their energy supply from Commerce Energy, a Pennsylvania licensed electricity and natural gas supplier. It’s important to remember that companies such as Commerce Energy provide options for natural gas and electricity supply. For your convenience, its charges for supply will appear on one bill along side your utility’s delivery charges. You can pay your utility for both, the same way you’re paying your current bill. When shopping for an alternative supplier, such as Commerce Energy, Pennsylvania residents will usually find both stable- and variable-rate options.

  • A variable-rate plan fluctuates alongside the electricity or natural gas market. With Commerce Energy, you can enjoy a low introductory rate on your first bill and then a variable rate. A variable rate can let you take advantage of market lows, but you may also be vulnerable to rate hikes. Because of this, Commerce Energy in Pennsylvania lets you lock into a stable-rate plan at any time.
  • With a stable-rate plan from Commerce Energy, Pennsylvania customers can get one steady rate for the entire length of their contract. Many people find variable rates risky, and in fact PECO rates can change every quarter. A stable-rate plan gives you long-term protection against possible changes in PECO electric or natural gas rates.

It may seem more convenient to continue getting PECO electric and natural gas plans, but you might be missing out on a chance to find a plan that better fits your needs. And no matter what PECO area energy supplier you choose, you can still count on your utility to safely and reliably deliver your power. Don't miss out on a chance to shop for a competitive supplier and potentially find lower rates. Enter your ZIP code below to see products and rates from Commerce Energy!

Switching from PECO electric and natural gas plans is easy

Whether you're looking for energy for your home or business, PECO electric and natural gas customers can find alternative suppliers and compare energy supply rates. If you choose to switch, remember that PECO will still be responsible for delivering your power, so there won't be any changes to how energy reaches your home or business.

No matter where in Pennsylvania you live, you can benefit from taking the time to compare energy rates. This is your opportunity to take advantage of the competitive landscape and give yourself a chance to find an alternative to your utility for your energy supply. There's no risk in shopping around, so enter your ZIP code or give us a call to see if you can get a new energy supply rate with Commerce Energy in Pennsylvania!

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