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Believe it or not, dealing with fluctuating energy prices could be a thing of the past. Thanks to deregulation, New Jersey residents have the power to shop around for energy prices. And it's easier than you may think. You keep the same service and delivery. Commerce Energy simply helps you secure new supply rates.

Looking for peace of mind? Get the ultimate bang for your energy buck with the Commerce Energy stable-rate program. You can secure in electricity rates and keep those low prices for a full 12 months. Imagine an entire year knowing that your electricity supply costs will stay at the same low rate!

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As a resident of New Jersey, you have the option to buy your electric supply from your utility directly or from a third-party energy supplier such as Commerce Energy. But you didn't always have that luxury.

The Old Energy Monopoly

Before 1999, when New Jersey residents looked at their utility bills, they would see one rate per kilowatt hour for their energy usage. That single rate included not only the cost of the energy itself but the cost to deliver it, maintain the power lines and other taxes or fees associated with power service.

The New Competitive Market

In January 1999, the New Jersey state government enacted the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act. This piece of legislation separated the supply portion of utility bills from the delivery costs. For the first time natural gas and electricity customers were allowed to choose to purchase an energy commodity from a number of companies competing with the utility company.

Embracing Your Power to Choose an Energy Plan

Commerce Energy is not competing with PSE&G or JCP&L when it comes to the delivery of your energy services. If you're currently a PSE&G customer, you will continue to have your home and your power lines serviced by PSE&G. The same goes for current JCP&L customers. Your utility company will continue to read your meter, maintain the necessary distribution infrastructure and respond in the event of an outage. None of the good things about your current service will change!

Commerce Energy helps you take advantage of the deregulated market and get competitive prices on your electricity. Commerce Energy negotiates wholesale prices, creates innovative rate plans and passes the benefits on to you, the customer.

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