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The Maryland energy market has been deregulated since 1999, but only since a rate cap was lifted in 2005 have Maryland residents seen the benefits of shopping for alternative energy rates. Homeowners, renters and business owners in participating utility service areas are able to compare rates from a number of retail suppliers and choose the plan that best fits their budget and energy needs. For those in the Baltimore Gas and Electric service area, you can get competitive rates from Commerce Energy in Maryland with no change to your existing BGE utility service.

In a deregulated market such as Maryland's, alternative energy suppliers purchase wholesale electricity and natural gas from generation companies. The suppliers then create rate plans to accommodate a variety of customers at a price that is competitive with other suppliers.

In May 2013, only about one fourth of residents living in deregulated service areas were taking advantage of their ability to shop for a new rate. If you're frustrated with your current electricity or natural gas supplier, you should consider making a switch to Commerce Energy. Natural gas and electricity rates vary by supplier and plan, so no matter which supplier you choose it is important to know what is available and thoroughly explore your options.

Protect your budget and lock in rates

One of the many advantages of deregulation is the ability for energy customers to secure stable-rate plans. With Commerce Energy in Maryland, customers can lock in a stable rate for the next 12 months, giving you peace of mind and the convenience of knowing exactly how much you'll be paying for your electricity or natural gas supply.

Take advantage of the market with RateFlex

Residents in the Baltimore Gas and Electric area also have the ability to purchase plans that vary monthly along with the electricity and natural gas markets. Because electric and natural gas rates can change often, customers with a variable-rate plan could end up paying less than they would with a stable-rate plan if rates go down. Of course, if rates go up, they could end up paying more.

The Commerce Energy RateFlex plan allows customers to take advantage of market lows during favorable conditions. And when it looks like rates are going to continue to climb, customers can even change to a stable rate at any time without a cancellation fee. This gives Commerce Energy customers a chance to chase low rates and avoid paying for sudden spikes in the market.

Switch rates with no changes in service

Commerce Energy in Maryland offers competitive rates on the supply of your electricity and natural gas. Switching over is as easy as making a call. If you do switch your supplier, your utility will still be Baltimore Gas and Electric. The utility, not Commerce Energy, will maintain your power lines, gas pipes, meters and respond in the event of a power outage or natural gas emergency.

Commerce Energy helps Maryland customers take advantage of deregulation with alternative rates on energy. Whether you're shopping for electricity or natural gas, we can help you get rates that fit your budget. Call today to see if you can save!

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