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Commerce Energy in Alpharetta Offers Options

As a subsidiary business of Just Energy Group Inc., Commerce Energy brings energy options to customers in more than a dozen states, including Georgia. Natural gas in Alpharetta doesn’t have to break the bank. Commerce Energy representatives work with you to find the best plan for your needs.

Because Georgia natural gas in Alpharetta is deregulated, you no longer receive your natural gas from Atlanta Gas Light Company. This means you can choose from several gas suppliers in your area, including Commerce Energy. If you’re looking for reliable energy service backed by competitive rate plans in Alpharetta, Commerce Energy may be the best choice for you. Call toll-free today and find out what natural gas options are available for your home.

Commerce Energy in Alpharetta: Your energy, your choice

Alpharetta natural gas providers can help you choose a new plan. Retail suppliers often offer variable-rate and more stable rate plans that work with your budget. Stable rate plans help hedge against fluctuating gas prices, so you can lock in a rate and stick with it regardless of how fickle the market is. Variable-rate pricing flows with the market so you can save money when the market price is low. However, you will pay higher rates when the market rate rises. With Commerce Energy in Alpharetta, you have different length plans available to fit your needs.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding which plan to sign up for and when to switch:

  • Georgia natural gas in Alpharetta is generally more expensive during the winter months.
  • Supply and demand, severe weather and unforeseen circumstances all can affect short-term natural gas prices.
  • Long-term prices can be affected by population growth or decline, economic conditions and environmental legislation.
  • Natural gas contracts often have a cancellation fee for switching before the end of the contract. Before switching to a new plan, read your current contract to see whether you have to pay such a fee.

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Commerce Energy in Alpharetta: Green energy

Now more than ever, people are aware of the environmental consequences of excessive energy consumption. Commerce Energy and Just Energy have combined their resources to offer JustGreen, giving you the option to purchase the equivalent of up to 100 percent of your energy use as green energy. When you purchase green energy in Alpharetta, Commerce Energy purchases carbon offsets on your behalf to help promote a clean, sustainable environment.

Commerce Energy at a Glance:

Name: Commerce Energy Inc.

Products offered: Electricity, natural gas, green energy

Service area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and additional markets.

Did You Know? Commerce Energy was founded by Fred Bloom in Tustin, California, in 1997 and began offering electricity to California customers in 1998.

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