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Guide to Georgia Natural Gas Rates

This is a resource for Georgia natural gas prices, to help you sort through your options and find the best deal on your natural gas supply. In Georgia, natural gas rates can vary depending on the type of plan you choose so it's important to understand the opportunities available to you.

Some natural gas prices in Georgia are structured around variable-rate plans. This plan structure fluctuates with the prices of GA natural gas by the various marketers in the state. When the cost of wholesale energy goes up, rates are likely to trend the same way. However, when the cost of energy decreases, those with variable rates often see Georgia natural gas rates decline as well.

Many find variable-rate plans to be risky. Because GA natural gas rates can go up or down each month, it makes it hard to predict monthly expenses for your energy supply. That's why many marketers offer stable-rate supply plan options as an alternative. This plan structure offers consistent natural gas prices. In Georgia, you can sign up for a stable-rate plan to ensure that you pay the same supply rate for the entire duration of your contract.

Beyond just the basic plan structures, you are likely to see a number of term lengths available for your GA natural gas supply, typically ranging from six months to three years. That means if you find low Georgia natural gas prices, you can sign a contract to lock in these rates for years, providing long-term price protection for your household energy.

Natural Gas Plans for Georgia

Standard Variable Rate Plan at a Glance

  • Value – Get started on the right foot with a low introductory supply rate on your first bill.
  • Flexibility – Enjoy a month-to-month variable rate after that - no long-term commitments or cancellation fees!
  • Competitive Pricing – Your rate will move with the market so you can take advantage of lower rates while market prices are down.
  • Price Protection – Enroll in a stable-rate plan at any time for the ultimate in long-term price protection.

Stable-Rate Plan FAQs

  • What causes natural gas prices to rise?
    Natural gas prices are affected by a number of factors, including supply and demand, weather and short-term disruptions. Longer-term gas prices are determined by population, economic growth and environmental policies.
  • How does a stable-rate plan protect me?
    With a stable-rate plan, Commerce Energy is hedging against the long-term pricing of natural gas. You’ll enjoy one steady rate throughout the term of your agreement. That means your energy price will be protected from dramatic swings in the natural gas market.
  • Is it difficult to switch?
    No. There’s no cost to sign up and there will be no changes or interruptions to your existing service. You keep delivery with your local utility company like you always have and get new supply rates from us!
  • Who is Commerce Energy?
    The Georgia natural gas market is fully deregulated - which means you can shop for better supply rates through certified natural gas markets such as Commerce Energy. We are a competitive energy supplier – not your utility.

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