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Shop Residential and Commercial Natural Gas Service with Commerce Energy in California

The California energy market has seen many changes since it started restructuring late last century. One longtime constant is that residential and business customers can choose their natural gas supplier. Another steady presence in the energy market is Commerce Energy, one of the gas service providers available when you're looking for new California natural gas prices.

Commerce Energy has been operating in the Golden State since 1998. This core transportation agent, often just called a supplier, is part of the Just Energy group of companies, which offers a variety of competitive and innovative plan types in deregulated markets across the United States and Canada and serves approximately 2 million customers.

In California, Commerce Energy assists both residential and business customers looking for natural gas service options. If you live in the PG&E, SoCalGas or SDG&E service areas, you are eligible to participate in the customer choice program and shop around for California natural gas prices for your home or business.

Exploring commercial natural gas options

Commerce Energy in California can help you find a new gas supply rate for your business, whether it's a small restaurant on the Central Coast or a large industrial site in the Inland Valley. Different size businesses have different needs, and Commerce Energy's California specialists can help you find a new rate that fits with your enterprise's budget and goals.

Customer choice and the utility

Getting your gas commodity from a new gas supplier doesn't financially hurt your utility nor does it end your relationship with that company. Your utility is still in charge of delivering gas safely and reliably to your home or business, and the utility is the one you call when you experience a gas leak or other related emergency. By switching to a new supplier, consumers are simply getting the commodity from a different supplier. When you explore your options for California natural gas prices, you might be able to benefit from the competition available in the open market.

Source: Updated: 6-10-15.

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