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How Commerce Energy Works

Are you shopping for better electricity and natural gas supply rates? If you live in a deregulated market, you don’t have to blindly accept whatever your utility company wants to charge you. In a competitive market, multiple companies can compete for your business. It’s up to you to compare providers and see who comes out on top.

Who is Commerce Energy?

Commerce Energy provides solutions for electricity and natural gas customers across the nation. We are owned by Just Energy Group, Inc., a company that serves more than 1.8 million customers across the United States and Canada. To find serviceability in your area, please enter your ZIP code above.

Innovative Products

Are you looking for billing options like stable-rates? Commerce Energy isn’t just for price shoppers. We offer innovative rate plans that enable you to pay for your energy in a different way than what the utility offers. That includes green energy options, stable rates, promotional pricing and more.

It's Time to Shop for Better Rates

The energy market is unpredictable. If you don’t trust where rates are going to move in months, or even years, then it's time to start shopping for energy providers who can give you more control over your rates. Best of all, finding a new energy provider isn’t as hard as it may sound. That's because you won't have to change anything about your service or delivery.

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Are you getting a good deal on your gas bill every month? Residents in competitive markets across the country have the power to shop around for better energy prices - but few do. Thanks to deregulation, you can have energy retailers like Commerce Energy provide you with wholesale rates on your gas supply.

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